How to Buy Backpacks for a Travel League

When you’re responsible for selecting backpacks for a travel league, you need to get items that are affordable for the players and that are of a high quality so that they last through the wear and tear of going from one location to another. You can find cheap soccer balls and backpacks online when you order wholesale. Most companies will give some kind of discount if you make a purchase that is of a large quantity.

A good strategy, according to Soccer Garage, is to coordinate with other parents and the coaching staff. If everyone can order their backpacks, you’ll pay less collectively and can even get some fun perks (like team branding or name tags).

As you begin looking at soccer bags, you want to find those that have pockets on the sides to carry water bottles as well as bags that have small pockets inside so that players can keep items like keys and other supplies from getting lost. The bag should have a strong base that supports all of the items that the player needs to carry.

The soccer backpack should fit the size of the player. You want to try to get an idea of how the player can carry a bag on the back or on the shoulder before making a purchase. Think about how often the players will use the soccer back pack as you need to get something that will withstand long trips and that won’t need to be replaced every few months.