India faces Bangladesh in the Second T20 Match of Nidahas Trophy

The second match to be played in this exciting new version of Nidahas Trophy, after ten years of waiting for fans all over the world, will be India vs Bangladesh T20 Cricket Match. It certainly promises to be an exciting match, as the Indian Cricket Team has been giving out some nice spectacles out in the arena, we must mention, for instance, their recent and historic win in South Africa, scoring an undisputable 4-0 beating hosts at St George´s Park. All eyes are on Virat Kohli, current Indian team captain, as his lead has proven to be aggressive and technical as well as effective, proven that he commanded his team to win its first bilateral ODI cricket series.

The Tigers from Bangladesh will have to face a bit of a challenge as this winning should boost Indian Cricket team´s confidence and their strategic formula has been growing more aggressive. The Tigers, led by Technical Director Khalid Mahmud, won´t only face the Indian pressure but also the passionate crowd of Bangladeshi cricket fans that have protested massively to condemn the tigers losing abroad. During the World cup in 2011, for instance, Bangladeshi team bus was stoned as they lost against the West Indies team, getting pretty low scores than enraged their followers to attack the vehicle. Also, during 2003, after losing to England, Mahmud was booed out of the yard, so this tournament is bound to be all exhilarating as both teams must prove themselves and have the responsibility to cheer up their people with victory in upcoming India vs Bangladesh 2nd T20 live.

This match will be explosive, there´s no doubt, and to make sure it plays out that way, there are key figures in both teams; Rohit Sharma (born in 1987) will surely be part of the backbone of the Indian arsenal as he recently scored 115 in 126 balls against the well-rooted team of South Africa. On the other hand, Bangladeshi Tigers had been showing off their status in the sport with three wins in a row until they were recently beaten by Sri Lanka, being dismissed below 100 for the first time since 2014 against West Indies. Bangladeshi tiger´s captain Mashrafe Mortaza, stated they were surprised by the terms of the defeat in the tri-national-one-day-tournament. However, they will have the chance to cheer up their fervent followers in the upcoming Nidahas Trophy as they will be facing Sri Lanka again, in the celebration of its 70th year of political independence.

This adrenaline-pumping game will be hosted at Colombo and played under flood light conditions. There is no excuse for fans in the world to miss this sentimentally valuable and exciting tournament as it has been said that YuppTV, a number one live TV of this generation will be providing full live streaming exclusively for fans in the US, Malaysia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Continental Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.