Maintenance Tips for Kids’ Goalkeeper Gloves

As you may already know, kids goalkeeper gloves come in many style and sizes and colors. But what is it that makes a pair of gloves the “RIGHT” pair of gloves? Parents all along this great country of ours wrestle with this very question at their kids’ soccer practices and yet again on the weekend a the game. So, we asked an 11-year-old goalkeeper about such things and this is what she said:

“First and foremost” she said with a serious look on her face “you are attracted to the gloves’ style and color. After that you hear people’s different opinions”. Some say: “oh it’s the fit that’s most important”or it’s the grip for others. Our keeper says: “The truth is they are both equally important”. But how to maintain them properly? Are there any specifics you must follow in storing them.

Storing them seems like a no brainer. Just make sure they are cleaned and dry. At room temperature is also suggested. No damp or humid storing. Soccer Garage also recommends conditioning leather gloves to keep them soft and flexible, ready for game time.

The individual looking to purchase a pair of goalkeeper’s gloves would be well advice in reading this short article as it is a very straight forward informative expose on said gloves. Now more than ever, the ladies are becoming more and more excited about playing goalie. IT is time for the ladies to conquer the goalie position and make it their own.