Sport and Holiday with Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

Traveling to a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is not just about learning about Muay Thai. You train with people of all skill levels, and this includes professional fighters. There are many general and health habits that they have which propelled them to their success. Here are some habits that you will learn about at a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand.

1. They Almost Never “Max Out” Train

It is a common belief that Muay Thai fighters train at 100 percent all the time, which is not true. They do train nearly every day, but you will rarely see them hitting as hard as possible. This is because they understand the effects on the body that max out training would have. Instead, practicing form and reserving energy is the focus of their training.

2. You should be running

When you in role in training camp in Thailand, you should be ready to run a lot. Running is a key part of Muay Thai training in Thailand, so you will run if you want to train. Fighters are not allowed to fight or train without running at least twice a day. One of the reasons fighters run is because running helps stretch the heart’s left ventricle, which allows more blood into the heart for a minimum of 40 minutes. This helps you work out for long periods of time without becoming tired or sore, and it also helps you increase the power that you can put into a movement.

3. Sparring is more Playful

When it comes to sparing, Thai fighters rarely spar like they would fight. Most times, you are very light with your partner, and you should expect the same from your partner. This is because most fighters fight regular matches every few days or once a week. They need to make sure that their partner can continue to train, so they focus more on technique. This helps with control, which is important when you are learning since you can injure yourself and your partner if you do not know what you are doing.

4. They Watch Thousands of Fights in Their Lifetime

The reality is that watching can teach you just as much as doing can. You have to pay attention to the little things. This is how children in Thailand also instinctively know how to punch correctly during their first lesson. This is because they watch matches over and over again since Muay Thai is so popular in Thailand. This is very important because they study each movement and every different fighter’s style. Even as adults, SuWit Muay Thai fighters continue to watch matches including their own to find areas that they can improve and learn new techniques.

The lifestyle in Thailand is different from most of the world, which is why taking a holiday to Thailand once in your lifetime is recommended. Professional Muay Thai fighters have unique habits that help them stay on top of their fitness, which help them to become better fighters.