Can Women Compete Fencers?

“Anything You are able to Do” is really a hit tune that Irving Berlin composed for that Broadway music, “Annie Get a Gun (1946). ” Within the song, a male along with a female singer attempt to top one another via progressively tougher tasks. The tune was additionally featured inside a Nike advert starring Jordan and Mia Hamm by which they competed in several sports, such as fencing.

Within the same nature, can ladies also turn out to be skilled fencers? Fencing is dependant on the blade duel, that was an exercise exclusive in order to gentlemen. How feasible could it be for ladies to “join the actual club”?

Fencing was among the events from the first contemporary Olympics (Athens), within 1896. Summer time Olympics which year incorporated three occasions, which had been exclusive with regard to men:

· Foil
· Masters Foil
· Sabre

Nevertheless, during the actual eighth Summer time Olympics, the Olympic Video games first allowed women to take part in a secure fencing event. In that year, the actual Olympics incorporated seven secure fencing events, such as one ladies event: Ladies Foil. Ellen Osiier (Denmark) received the precious metal.

You may assume how the first ladies Epee occasion and Sabre event might have followed pretty soon. Really, the very first Women’s Epee occasion appeared within the Summer Olympics more than seven years later, within 1996. By that point, more parity been around in the amount of Men’s (6) as well as Women’s (four) secure fencing events. France received gold medals in both Women’s Epee Person (Laura Flessel) as well as Team occasions. Soon later on, in 2004, Olympic authorities launched the very first Women’s secure fencing sabre occasion. Mariel Zagunis (UNITED STATES) received the precious metal medal as well as Sada Jacobson taken the bronze.

In the newest Summer Olympics, parity in the amount of Men’s (5) as well as Women’s (5) secure fencing events, occurred for the very first time. There had been even parity in the amount of gold medals which various countries won within the women’s secure fencing events:

· Indonesia (1)
· Italia (1)
· Spain (1)
· Ukraine (1)
· Usa (1)

Therefore, even summer time Olympics acknowledges that ladies fencers can handle competing from high-levels, within the three main fencing designs: Foil, Epee, as well as Sabre. Within formal contests, one factor exists concerning the protective equipment that fencers should wear. While a tough plastic upper body protector is actually optional with regard to men fencers, it’s required for those female fencers.

All through history, women haven’t been fencers exclusively within the Olympics. Actually, women started fencing in the usa, prior towards the first contemporary Olympics (including Men’s secure fencing! )#) Within 1888, a teacher from Luxembourg toured the united states, providing the fencing demo with ladies. Thus, the very first women’s secure fencing classes in the united states began within private sports activities clubs.

Greater than a decade prior to the first female’s Olympic secure fencing event, the united states held it’s first Foil Nationwide Championship (1912). This particular event finished American ladies fencers generating subjective “form” factors in aggressive fencing. Then prior to Women’s Epee secure fencing appeared within the Summer Olympics, the very first Women’s Epee Globe Championship happened in 1989. Which was in Colorado, Colorado.

Can women compete fencers? The results they have produced within the Summer Olympics, proves that they’ll be. Women’s fencing may also be fast, mad, and enjoyable!